About beagle boutique

As a small family-run boutique on the Suffolk coast, we pride ourselves on offering your favourite high-street (ex) clothing brands at incredibly low prices. In addition, we curate unique pieces that have caught our eye, ensuring you always find something special in our store.

The items we sell may have been cancelled by the high street brand or are overstock/surplus stock, as well as out-of-season items, customer returns, and prototypes/samples.

You will find that some of the items are one-offs or have limited availability; therefore, once they are gone, they are gone.

At our boutique, we take the time to meticulously inspect every piece we receive. We have a strong commitment to sustainability and hate to see any stock go to waste. If we find any items with minor damage, we take the initiative to repair what we can or include it in our ‘less than perfect’ range.  Rest assured, all defects will be clearly detailed in the listing. 

Where applicable, to comply with regulations*, we cut the labels and remove the tags of the items. This prevents people from returning items to the original shop for a refund.

Order with confidence. We only buy from reputable wholesalers; if you are not 100% satisfied with your item, you can return it. ** 

*In some cases, tags and labels may have to be removed as a regulation for resale

** Please read our returns policy.